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When I die spread my ashes at Comic Con because that’s probably the only way I’ll ever get there.

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to live, to serve, to expire. over and over again.

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@RachieSkarsten: Black Tipped Nails mean Valkyrie’s back. Like the backstreet boys song. Only cooler.

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sad because you can’t watch fanfics

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lets play “how gay can you be with your best friend without it getting weird” 

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Paying Off Debt 101

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“Évelyne, she’s a bomb which explodes in slow motion on screen. She’s more than just beautiful. She’s a passionate actress with a sophisticated acting who gives everything, resists to comfort and fights with certainty. She owns some weapons, coming from deep zones, which is a secret only herself knows” —Xavier Dolan  

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Parents: "Go to college!"
Parents: "But not that major."
Parents: "Get a job!"
Parents: "Get a better job than that."
Parents: "Fall in love!"
Parents: "But not with them."
Parents: "Follow your dreams!"
Parents: "But not that dream."
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